Club rules

  1. The name of the Club shall be Castleton Tennis Club

  2. There shall be no entrance fee but an annual subscription shall be paid by each member in advance. Priority shall be given to persons being in the parishes of Danby, Castleton, Westerdale and Commondale.

  3. The Club will not be held responsible for the loss of any property personal to members or visitors, nor liable for any damage or injury sustained by members or visitors, or their property while on Club premises.

  4. Suitable footwear will be worn while playing on the Court.

  5. The Committee shall consist of elected officers, namely, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and others not exceeding 10 who shall be elected at the AGM.

  6. The AGM shall be convened on any convenient date of each year.

  7. The rules may not be added to, rescinded or modified without the consent of the AGM.

  8. The Treasurer shall place any Club monies in the Club’s Account, and no money shall be withdrawn from the account except against the signature of the Chair and a member of the Committee.

Members also agree to Castleton Tennis Club’s Code of Conduct for Safe Play.